What to Bring to Las Vegas Revealed by Starpoint Resort Group

Las Vegas has lots of opportunity for fun and activities - here's what to bring.

Starpoint Resort Group shares tips on what to take with you on your next vacation to Sin City.

Las Vegas can be one of the most exciting getaways during any time of the year shares Starpoint Resort Group. With so much to do and a night life that goes until the sun rises, it’s almost impossible to run out of things to do while at this city of excitement. However, there are a few things that you should remember to bring, as they’ll make the stay in Vegas more comfortable.

  1. Comfortable shoes are a must. You might not expect to be walking all that much, but the traffic on the strip is always so busy, and with so much to see during the day, walking will be the most efficient.
  2. Bring one or two nicer outfits. Vegas is filled with world-renowned restaurants with fancier dress codes, so feeling like you can’t go because of the attire you have could be a big downer. If over-dressing is a concern, just make sure to bring a dressy casual outfit, and maybe one semi-formal, depending on the restaurants that are in mind.
  3. Bring a decent sized travel bag. With many shops to visit and souvenirs to buy, having a bag to carry them while walking the strip can be a big help. Depending on the season, having the bag to carry water bottles can also be helpful, as it gets up to the 90’s during the summer. Having the convenience of a bag to carry these things will help you feel more comfortable while enjoying the extravagant Vegas vacation.

Dine at Celebrity Chef Restaurants with this Guide from Starpoint Resort Group

Starpoint Resort Group's guide to celebrity-owned restaurants located in Las Vegas

Enjoy some of the best restaurants from celebrity chefs with this guide from Starpoint Resort Group!

Las Vegas is known around the world as one of the best places in the world to experience fine dining. With so many celebrity chef-owned establishments, it can be hard to decide where to dine! In order to help vacationers this September, Starpoint Resort Group is sharing this guide of top Vegas restaurants to dine at.

1. B&B Ristorante – Venetian
World-famous Chef Mario Batali and winemaker Joseph Bastianich bring some of the best rustic flavors of Italy right to the strip! Spicy Lamb Sausage and the signature wine list are a must try!

2. Bobby’s Burger Place – On the Strip
In the mood for a burger? Look no further than Chef Bobby Flay’s own burger restaurant right in the heart of The Strip! The New Mexico Burger and Crunch Burger are simply delicious!

3. China Poblano – The Cosmopolitan
From Chef José Andrés, China Poblano mixes Asian and Mexican for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. The beef tongue tacos and 20 vegetable fried rice are to die for!

Starpoint Resort Group Highlights the Las Vegas Strip


Starpoint Resort Group Highlights the Las Vegas Strip

Starpoint Resort Group Highlights the Las Vegas Strip

Starpoint Resort Group knows that Las Vegas is one of the most popular and well-known travel destinations throughout the United States. This city is home to endless attractions and events that draw in thousands of tourists. While there are many different shows, features, and restaurants that make Vegas so unique, one of the best attractions is just simply walking up and down The Strip. Not only is this free, but it gives guests the opportunity to visit all of the different casinos, shops, and resorts that are located on The Strip. You can even find street performers, dressed up characters, and dancers on the side of the street.

Planning a Honeymoon in Las Vegas Provided by Starpoint Resort Group

Starpoint Resort Group shares that Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations for people to travel to from all around the world. This premier destination has endless activities, attractions, and entertainment for people of all ages. Whether it is a bachelorette party looking for an unforgettable evening, or a family with small children wanting to explore the many different attractions, Sin City has it all. Another great occasion for going to Las Vegas is for both a wedding and a honeymoon. These are some of the top things to keep in mind when planning your honeymoon in Las Vegas.

  • Gourmet dining: While on your honeymoon, it is important to enjoy an evening of romance and intimacy with your significant other. This can be achieved by going to one of the many gourmet eateries that are located on The Strip. From delicious buffets to elegant Italian food, these atmospheres will certainly match the mood for a newly engaged couple.
  • World-class entertainment: When spending your honeymoon in Vegas, make sure you take the time to enjoy one of the many shows and performances that are available. Whether you are looking for a romantic concert or a jaw-dropping Cirque du Soleil performance, no Vegas honeymoon is complete without going to one of these shows.
  • Day trips: Starpoint Resort Group says that if you want to get out of the city for the day and experience something truly wonderful, take a trip to the Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon. These destinations offer adventure and truly outstanding views.

Starpoint Resort Group Shares a LOVE Cirque du Soleil Performance


Starpoint Resort Group knows that when people travel to Las Vegas, they will likely want to check out one of the many shows and performances that are available. A lot of the resorts and hotels on The Strip offer great entertainment such as Cirque du Soleil, concerts, magicians, and comedians. One of the best Cirque du Soleil performances that guests can go to is LOVE, which is based on the music of the infamous Beatles. This show features the most popular Beatles hits, while acrobatics and dancers make the numbers come to life.

Starpoint Resort Group Shares Best Breakfast Spots in Las Vegas

Starpoint Resort Group knows that when going on a vacation to Las Vegas this summer, many people want to know about some of the top places to eat dinner or the best buffets to get the most bang for your buck. What most people do not think about is a place to eat breakfast at. While breakfast may not seem like a big deal for some people, it is especially important when you are out all night dancing the night away or enjoying one of the many great performances on The Strip. These are the some of the top places to enjoy a terrific breakfast meal while staying in Las Vegas.

  • Cabo Wabo Cantina: When thinking of this delicious restaurant and nightlife hotspot, breakfast does not immediately come to mind. However, one of the best places to eat at in the morning is Sammy Hagar’s well-known Cabo Wabo Cantina. Patrons can enjoy a wide range of delicious entrees with sides of crispy breakfast potatoes. The highlight of the meal certainly comes from the bottomless mimosas in a souvenir glass that guests can take with them.
  • La Creperie: For breakfast French style, visitors should go to La Creperie inside of Paris Las Vegas. This quick eats café offers a range of sweet or savory homemade crepes that will surely satisfy anyone’s hunger. While people wait in line to place their order, guests have a view of the kitchen where they can watch the expert chefs create the crepes from scratch.
  • Sugar Factory: Starpoint Resort Group shares that the Sugar Factory is not only a great place for some sweets and delicious drinks, but for a terrific breakfast meal as well. This eatery offers breakfast pizzas, croissants, breakfast burritos, and build your own omelet.

Starpoint Resort Group Highlights the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas


Starpoint Resort Group shares that there are many different resorts and hotels that are located on The Strip that are all unique and offer many terrific attractions and exhibits. One hotel that is definitely entertaining for guests is the Excalibur Resort & Casino. This resort is easy to spot on The Strip, as it is shaped like a huge medieval castle, complete with a moat out front. Inside, people will feel like they are actually in a castle and can enjoy great restaurants, shops, and entertainment.

Starpoint Resort Group Reviews Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas

Starpoint Resort Group knows that there are dozens of beautiful resorts and hotels that are located on The Strip in Las Vegas. This area is so unique because the resorts itself are the main attractions in the city. Guests can walk in and out of the various hotels and check out all of the amenities and exhibits that it has to offer. Some of these features include outstanding shopping experiences, delicious restaurants, world-class spas, and captivating performances. One of the best hotels around is Planet Hollywood. Be sure to take a look at some of these things to do when exploring this stunning resort.

  • The Spa by Mandara: When stepping into The Spa by Mandara, guests will be in awe as they see the massive 32,000 square foot tranquil space that awaits them. This spa is home to forty different treatment rooms and includes six rooms just for couples. Popular treatments include couples massages, facials, hair and facial packages, and healing body therapy.
  • Miracle Mile Shops: One of the best places to explore a wide variety of stores is at the Miracle Mile Shops. This indoor shopping mall contains charming boutiques, upscale stores, restaurants, and more. Guests will also be highly entertained while walking this massive mall that spans over a mile. There are several different shows and performances that can be found throughout the shops.
  • PH Shiver: Starpoint Resort Group shares that one of the best nightspots in town is PH Shiver. This hotspot has a range of drinks that are perfect to quench any thirst. PH Shiver also boasts a 46-ounce Bling Bottle that can be purchased in either gold or silver.

Starpoint Resort Group Highlights Unique Hotel in Las Vegas

Starpoint Resort Group states that there are many different resorts and hotels available on The Strip to explore. When in Vegas, guests can travel down this street and stop into these accommodations and experience wonderful amenities and attractions. While some hotels offer a look into a different culture or country, there is one resort that provides an entirely unique atmosphere. The Stratosphere Hotel provides outstanding views of The Strip and exhilarating rides from the top of the resort. These are some of the best things to do while visiting the Stratosphere.

  • Thrill Rides: If you are looking to have an adventure unlike any other, then the rides on top of the Stratosphere is the perfect destination for you. There are four different experiences available at the top of the resort, each with outstanding views of the hotel and of The Strip. The four rides that the hotel offers are SkyJump, Insanity, X-Scream, and Big Shot.
  • Observation Deck: The Stratosphere towers over 1,100 feet above the Las Vegas Strip and is the ideal destination for those who want to experience outstanding 360-degree views of the city. The Observation Deck offers both an indoor and outdoor option, as well as the AirBar, where guests can enjoy a beverage while high in the air.
  • Tower Shops: Starpoint Resort Group shares that visitors can have an unmatched shopping experience right at the Tower Shops in the Stratosphere. This area offers over 30 different stores and includes novelty shops, boutiques, famous brands, kiosks, and more.